The Design and the Designer - Designet og designeren

ENGLISH: The designer Knud Vinther and his monogram. DANSK: Designeren Knud Vinther and his monogram.

All-Ways System. An extruded aluminium assembly system for furniture and shop interior. Developed and patented in 1977 and awarded an international 1st prize in USA in 1984. Patents: DK-140733 - N-147.653 - D-P2816108.2 - GB-1599489 - F-7810949 - USA-4.236.363 - CDN-1100277.

A new machine-element, patended in 1978 and awarded a prize same year at the invention competition in Dk-5000 Odense. Among the judges were the world famous Danish designer Piet Hein and president of Thrige, Steen Danø.

A drawing of Petalex, showing a centrifugal coupling. A long range of other fields of employment was published.

A Christmas tree holder made of hardwood for Trip Trap in 1995.

Graphic design of a gift catalogue for Trip Trap in 1995.

Flexible CD-holder in 2000.

Rikki Tikki for door and wall application designed in 2001.

Cosmetic booth for Esteé Lauder by Salling Department Store in 1987. Other cosmetic booths were designed for Clinique, Illum and Kvickly and for Colorline cruise ships in the period 1987 - 1996.

Various cosmetic booths and wine cellars designed for Clinique, Esteé Lauder and leading department stores in 1987 - 1996.

A shop counter system designed in 1993, inspired by the Triumph-Bow in Paris by the Danish architect Sprechelsen.

Counters ans shelvings for gold, silver, jewellery and watches in 1995.

Blixen-Chair designed in 1997. A holder for a warm plaid was part of the design and was patented in 1997.

A side-chair made of rattan on a steel-frame in 1999.

The Streamline-Chair woven with natural rattan or leather on a frame of Mahogany was designed in 2000.

The designed b y Knud Vinther in 2007 - 2009 designed by Knud Vinther in 2007. desgned by Knud vinther in 2009.

The designed by Knud Vinther in 2009 and published on February 23rd, 2010. This programme is under further development.

The is designed by Knud Vinther in 2009 and published on February 23rd, 2010. This programme is under further development.

The design and the designer. Knud Vinther sitting in Hanger, enjoying early spring 2010.

English text - engelsk tekst:
S P I D E R C H A I R . DK is designed by Knud Vinther. See also and
Knud Vinther was born in DK-Odense on 28.08.1948 and he has been in business with development, product designs and graphic designs throughout the last 40 years. Originally Knud Vinther was educated in business as a  salesman, sales manager and managing director, having the specialities product development, marketing and graphic designs and as a patent engineer. A revolutionary product was the invention of an assembly system for furniture and shop equipment - all-ways system - which was patented in 8 countries. The invention was awarded with a 1st prize in an international competition in 1984, granted to Knud Vinther and the manufacturer Norsk Hydro. Knud Vinther has made numerous designs and patented products. Some of these products can be watched below.
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Dansk tekst - Danish text:
S P I D E R C H A I R. DK er tegnet af Knud Vinther. Se også og
Knud Vinther er født i Odense d. 28.08.1948 og har været beskæftiget med produktudvikling, design og grafisk fremstilling igennem 40 år. Knud Vinther er oprindeligt handelsuddannet og har været beskæftiget som sælger, salgschef og direktør med speciale i produktudvikling, markedsføring og grafisk fremstilling og som patentingeniør. Et banebrydende produkt var opfindelsen af et samlesystem til møbler og butiksinventar - all-ways system - der blev patenteret i 8 lande. Opfindelsen blev belønnet med en international 1. pris i 1984, der blev uddelt til Knud Vinther som opfinder og til Norsk Hydro som producent. Knud Vinther har frembragt talrige designs og patenterede produkter. Nogle af disse produkter kan ses på de efterfølgende fotos.
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Watch examples of Knud Vinther´s patents and designs.
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